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Easily sign up for a verified BTR Community membership with a secured online payment form or offline payment option via check or money order for $24 times the number of years.

Mail to Black Talk Media Project, P.O. Box 65, Mt. Holly NC 28120 *Include contact information in the membership request letter.

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Quickly start by posting a status update, upload photos, videos, and your music. Members can start groups, blogs, forums, polls, and they can post classified ads and upcoming online/offline events! Members control what and with whom they want to share their content with, the public, member onlys, friends and regional networks only!


Our community is 100% responsive, so you can use it anywhere, & anytime on any device with an internet connection. Smartphones, tablets, desktops and laptops, the screen automatically adapts to the platform. No need for downloading an intrusive app, BTR Community works on all devices.


BTR Community is made up of only verified members. No bots, no fake accounts or duplicates and it's available to registered members 24x7! Members control the privacy level of their content and/or public persona.