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House bill restricting what students can learn about nation’s racial past is headed to NC Gov. Roy Cooper’s desk
The N.C. House of Representatives has approved House Bill 324, the controversial legislation that restricts what K-12 students can be taught about the nation’s racial history.

HB 324 was approved on a 61-41 party line vote. Republicans voted in favor of the bill. Democrats voted against it. The legislation was sent to the House for concurrence after receiving Senate approval last week.

The bill is now headed to Gov. Roy Cooper’s desk. The governor is expected to veto the legislation. Republicans do not hold the supermajorities needed to override Cooper’s vetoes.

HB 324 has been one of the more divisive bills of the legislative session. Those who support it contend the proposed law will prevent teachers from indoctrinating students with liberal ideology infused with Critical Race Theory (CRT).