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We have to fight with Money.

  • We have to fight these racist with Money. Why aren't Black people circling the wagons and preparing for the fight? Inappropriate behavior Dr. Claud Anderson spoke about in Powernomics, and PTSS Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome Dr. Joy Degruy talks about are preventing Black people from protecting ourselves and our children's children. Wakeup people. We are living in a real life zombie apocalypse, The Purge is real and we are ass out. Love is a weapon. Truth is a weapon. Forgiveness is a weapon and we are at war. Money is a weapon. We need to pool our money and create a better place for us to live in Africa so we will get better treatment in America even if we never go to Africa. Like a person that is doing a phenomenal job but is dealing with racism or sexism in their workplace, we must look for another place to live even if we have no intention of leaving the country of our birth the option will force the hand of racist and sexist to do right or watch us leave them in the dust. FIGHT!