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Dodging bricks, bullets, and grenades to wipe spiritual butts

  • Now imagine my reality – my present, and my past.  Every woman that truly sees my beauty is so scared and wounded from her last relationship that all she claims to need from me is money and sex if she admits a need at all.  Brothers like me that want a total woman are stepped over, run from, and locked out of even getting sex unless we are paying for it directly/indirectly, or lying with profound skill.  You see, we don’t play games but we play for keeps.  If we see that a woman is not ready for us we will move on or pay the fee that guarantees we will never get it for free.  We just try not to raise the price of pussy.  We please these hookers with college degrees and they cut us down every chance they get.  We don’t mean a thing to them if their girlfriends don’t want us.  


    Don’t even ask a sister to set you up with a girlfriend because she knows our true worth.  She wants to keep us locked down just outside her temple like a crazed bulldog chained to a tree with the scent of a not too distant cat or a bitch in heat.  She thinks his dry humping the air because he can't break free is funny and cute.  Look at my thirsty dog, she says ignorantly.  She reasons that the chains are not real or strong enough that we can’t break and run if we really want to be free, and she might need true love one day.  Fuck that and fuck the clubs too.  All they want is a parade full of fools dressed in one weeks pay that can’t save for rainy days.  Why is life in the states so hard on a brother like me?


    Everyone wants to be just like me but no woman wants to be with me until I jump through her hoops like a trainable dog for a delayed treat that often is worse than celibacy and solitude.  I am not a bad looking brother, but that actually works against me.  Ugly people are never lonely.  They just find some prettier sucker that needs some company to stroke their ego like a cat on my leg getting rid of flees.  That’s why I can’t be with an uglier woman that’s relatively dumb too.  She ain’t burning me.  I think straight up prostitutes are choosier than some women that give it for free.  At least I can see before we get down without no lip or bullshit about being shy.  


    So the next time a brother like me asks you are you free.  Tell him straight up, it’s going to cost him, then do it for free.  Just spread love, use latex condoms.  Don’t use petroleum products with latex because it will break the latex down and allow sperm and disease to pass through almost freely.  KY jelly and none petroleum based lubricants are more safe, but can cause the condom to slip off.  Celibacy is a bitch in heat but children and AIDS last forever.  


    Finding a higher spiritual center will help you to be celibate longer.  The energy you save will allow you to find your soulmate faster, with less pain, and a more clear/spiritual sense of purpose.   Most lesbians have better sex than heterosexual couples.  If this is true, then any size man can please any size woman with mutually open minds, spirits, and bodies that seek to please by any means necessary.  A woman should become a man and please herself and a man should become a woman and please himself.  In the oneness of their total combined being in accord with unconditional Love/God, soul mates will reach heights of pleasure that crack heads dream of with every puff of chemical death.  Life and Love are natural highs that will never be cheated or duplicated with chemicals or premarital sex.  Go get yourself a hit of Love homeboy and homegirl.  


    God is Love and we are one in Love unconditionally.  Higher love is free to all that seek greater understanding of universal Truth for the exclusive service of unconditional Love unconditionally.  Be true to yourself, know love, and maybe someday we can all be friends.


    Most men are not rapists without provocation.  Most people are murdered by people they have known for more than a year or have done something unforgivable to by most reasonable people’s understanding even if the crime does not fit the punishment.  I know most people have this fear of online psychopaths stalking the Net for random souls to torture and kill.  Most psychopaths are of above average intelligence and know that everything that happens on the net is traceable.  You are safer on the Net than in the grocery store or church where your guards would normally be down or disabled by expensive clothes, jewelry, cars, personality, and good looks that disguise twisted dangerous souls that are in desperate need of unconditional Love from God.  


    Love yourself first, find God’s love and purpose for you, and then spread Love.