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$$$ 2 Audition. Reality TV, Method Actors improvising, scripts

  • From Journey into Greater Love - An African Science Fiction

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    Ghali and Kabisa


    Ghali and Kabisa sat at the table with Paka. 


    Ghali: Paka do you know what happened to your parents?


    Paka: My father killed my mother and then himself by jumping off a cliff.  I don’t know why. 


    Ghali: were your parents happy? Did you ever hear them fight?


    Paka: a little but I couldn’t hear what they were arguing about.


    Ghali:  How often did your mother drink epiphany tea?


    Paka:  Once or twice a month.


    Ghali:  And your father?


    Paka: Everyday since it became available in the markets about a year ago.  Mom was afraid he was going to hurt himself by drinking it so much.


    Did your relationship change with your father after he started drinking E tea every day?  Why are you looking at Kabisa?  Would you feel better if just you and me talked? Ok. We are alone.


    Paka:  When I was very little my father would straddle me in the elbow of his foot and ankle and bounce me and zoom me and bounce some more.  It was fun but it gave me sexual feelings.  I didn’t know what they were at first.  I just knew that I liked bouncing and wished he would never stop.  Years after I got too heavy to bounce, I discovered my clit and masturbation. The day my mother was killed, my father caught me masturbating and raped me.  My mother caught him and tried to stab him with a kitchen knife. They struggled and my mother fell on the knife.  She died.  My father realized what he had done and jumped off the cliff by our house.   


    Do you have any relatives you can live with?


    No.  My father is from a distant village in the south and my mother was the only child.  Her mother died in childbirth. 


    You will stay with me and Kabisa.  You didn’t do anything wrong Paka and your father was injuring himself by drinking so much E tea.  That is why he raped you.  I’m sure he loved you.  Do not let this tragedy prevent you from seeking, serving, and celebrating Ma’at sister.  You are a woman in a child’s body now.  You have been robbed of your childhood.  You must begin on the path to becoming the woman RA would want early. 


    What will happen when I’m 15?  Will everyone know what happened?  The whole village will hate me.  This is all my fault. 


    My garden is far enough away that you will rarely see your neighbors again.  Don’t worry.  This is my fault.  I did not protect the formula and the process closely enough.  Epiphany tea was only supposed to be used with the initiation of light festival twice a year.  There is a lot going on that you are too young to shoulder even if you could understand.  Trust me.  Ok? Everything will be ok in time.  Kabisa.  Come in here.


    Paka:  Don’t tell him. 


    I have to.  You are a very beautiful and alluring little girl that is now trapped in a time warp that can potentially rot your brain like too much E tea.  It can also retard your spiritual enlightenment and salvation with RA. This can disrupt the peace of my home and my relationships that ripple out from a collective heartbeat that is a servant of love or fear.  Your fear is infectious.  You don’t see it or know it yet, but you are spiritually damaged, and I don’t want you to spread your damage.  I want you to do what I do and spread healing.  Do you understand?


    Yes mam.


    Kabisa: What did I miss?

    Ghali: Tell him Paka.  Everything you told me.


    Paka: No.


    Kabisa: take your time.  When you are ready we will listen and try to fight the battles you will have to general to find your way out of this darkness. We are a family of light.  Join us in the light.  You will not divide us.  There is no reason to sleep outside our spiritual gates, come in, fellowship with us.  Seek with us, serve with us, celebrate with us after you have grieved and learned to trust that we love you and want the best for.



    Laying in bed enjoying their nightly ritual of intimacy mentally and spiritually first to clear the energy between them so they could find heightened pleasure during sex by being completely present and focused on each other’s pleasure that fueled their own.  Bathe together, please each other in an endless wave they have been riding from the first time they met 25 years ago.  They surf like dolphins quickly and frequently fucking in the wake of a ship taking them to a favorite feeding ground.  No cares. Just swimming, fucking, dreaming of eating, breathing, and enjoying each other’s company. 


    Kabisa:  I noticed that you are distracted Ghali. 


    I’m sorry.  I have to tell you what Paka told me. 


    And betray her trust?


    Yes.  To protect ours.