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BTR NewLos Angeles Losing A Person Every 10 Minutes To COVID 19

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    Every ten minutes a person succumbs to complications brought on by COVID in Los Angeles and it's primarily black and brown people with different degrees of melanin dying the most. That's a helluva casualty report and worse than any combat zone US combat troops find themselves around the world.

    I really am astounded at the thought processes of far too many people who recognize the seriousness of our current situation. Now how many casualties from the millions of people worldwide who have received one of the about 7 or 8 vaccines being administered around the world? Zero deaths reported?

    And yet some of us are hyping some lady who fainted 10 mins after getting a vaccine dose is like some real clutching of the pearls drama. It's comical. BTW, based on whatever research I hope people who are circulating a thus far unfounded rumor, at least looked into the sources of the one or two articles they read on websites that make money off peddling fear and paranoia.

    I would like someone who believes COVID 19 VACCINES change's a human's DNA, to tell me what the alleged DNA change looks like. I might settle for an animal study utilizing the C19 vaccines not that I think any animal studies occurred.

    I have many questions like do you start growing another head out your neck? Do you start growing a tail? What about x-men style mutant powers? Any of those mutations observed in the patients in this supposed clinical study?

    Anyone who can read this blog can comment and leave their links below in the comments section so I can research your research. I am just asking for evidence in hoping to understand this seemingly absurd but harmful propaganda.

    In the meantime, at least one study has shown links between melanin, vitamin d, and COVID. If I did not have access to healthcare during this pandemic, based on some real medical research, I would buy and possibly stock up on the cheapest supplements on the market. Vitamin D could start running in short supply. I'm relieved I got the VA as a supplier.

    Do your research and please start with following the CDC guidelines on masks and social distancing, avoiding travel and large gatherings. Don't be in a position where doctors and other medical professionals are making life and death decisions for you because the hospitals have run out of room.