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Insurrectionists Must Be Found, Tried, Convicted & Imprisoned

  • The Civil War started because racist ass slavers of the Democratic Party did not like the fact that Lincoln won the presidency so they organized a wide scale insurrection movement that led to the founding of the Confederate States of America.
    The insurrection plot of 2021 orchestrated by Donald Trump and his followers was for the same reason.
    It is not that the neo confederate Republicans today fear that Joe Biden would end modern slavery as the insurrections wrongly believed Lincoln would despite his assurances that he would not.
    It is because they did not like the outcome of 2020 election and their baseless claims of election fraud was just an excuse to do what they and their fathers,  grandfathers and great grandfathers been dreaming about doing ever since the Confederacy got put down down by a bunch of former victims of slavery in blue uniforms.
    Every single one of them and any elected official supporting that coup attempt should be arrested and put on trial for treason, providing material support for terrorism just like any supporter of ISIS in the United States. People like Gaston County Commissioner Tracey Philbeck who starts every commissioner meeting with false pledges to the United States of America are all over the nation.
    What the nation needs to do is what the cowards and sympathizers of racist white men in 1865 should have done with the insurrectionist terrorists of their day. To not cut this multigenerational cancer out is only inviting something worse than what occurred.