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Republicans Use Black Men To Discredit Reparations Debate

  • By Scotty Reid - The worse thing for me as a Black news talk radio producer and blogger is that I have to document and speak on the implications of what some Black people are thinking, doing, and saying that are counter to producing justice in any situation.

    I take no pleasure in calling out other Black people like Tim Scott, Candance Owens, Hershel Walker, Larry Elder, and the like. Sometimes the streets are correct when they make up their own terms like "sell-out" which is a description that implies behavior.

    When a person presents illogical arguments that are counter to what documented evidence shows in a scheme to prevent progress towards justice, and their bank accounts increase because of their illogical philosophical positions, then they are selling out justice, no matter who it is for or who it is against as Malcolm X once said about Justice.

    There is no legitimate reason for the US Congress not to impanel a group of academics to document, discuss and enter evidence on the issue of reparations for the descendants and current victims of slavery, institutional racism.

    Please check out the below video about the racism black inventors and businessmen faced during the Jim Crow era after the US Civil War. Pay particular attention to the story of one of the most successful inventors yet and the racism he faced in the cutthroat world of US capitalism.

    "Granville Tailer Woods was an inventor who held more than 60 patents in the U.S. He was the first African American mechanical and electrical engineer after the Civil War. Self-taught, he concentrated most of his work on trains and streetcars."